Thursday, August 18, 2011

list of fruit crate label cross stitch patterns

In the late 1800's and first half of 1900's, fruit from California started to be shipped nationally on the new tran-continental railroad. To advertise the products, many farmers and growing groups had striking graphic designs created to label the wooden boxes that were used to ship the produce.

I like these old designs, all made in California, and I have made cross stitch patterns out of several and I have listed them below

Shamrock orange crate
Red Bird oranges
Bonnie Brae oranges
Bishop oranges
Symbol fruit crate
Polar Lettuce
Crewcut Vegetables
Sunkist Peacock
Picardy Rose
Spinner Apples
Venice Cove
Full Orange
Ercot Australian label
Morjon label
California Pears
Sno Boy apples
vintage can labels
label with Scottie dog
vintage fruit crates
Pelican lettuce
Eagle fruit crate label cross stitch pattern

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